Fenix Suzuka

Begin on 2014 saw the birth of Suzuka.

To be honest, “team drivers” got it in the late 2013.

Basically, it was an Imola with a more conventional chassis.

Suzuka was a natural born winner, just a bit too happy to use the rear tires.

Prototypes won in a clear way the Automodelli Trophy just before Christmas 2013.

ETS A-Main become almost a regular place, as well in the MiboSport Cup

Thanks to Karl Fenech, it won the Malta Nationals, with 1 race still to be raced…

It was our race weapon until the summer of 2015, when Mistral take his place.

Public Fenix Suzuka picture, as released for 2014

The evolution, from Imola to Suzuka

Sorry… no staged pictures… just a normal Rc workbench here…
Automodelli.it Trophy … a blistering 1-2
ETS – F1 A Main
A brilliant 7th place for Matteo Berlincioni in the ETS 2013-14 season
Karl Fenech – 2014 Malta National F1 champ
Karl Fenech – 2014 Malta National F1 champ