Fenix Mistral 2017

Mistral 2017

As said, the Fenix Gear Diff represent for us a watershed, and we become more confident in our strength.

Mistral 2016 was still a very competitive model, but we can make some extra step.

Thanks to the experience made with the Fenix Gear Diff, we decide to make our own sphere diff.

We have a passion of Unobtanium… This was the name during the 50’s and 60’s for Titanium, and our new sphere differential, as the Fenix Gear Diff, use a 1/4″ Grade 5 titanium axle shaft.

Plus triple ball bearings and thrust bearing. The design takes axial load away from the bearings for improved durability and higher crash resistance as there is no contact between the ball bearings and the thrust race.

Add 16 Grade 5 Silicon Nitride Spheres, a triple disc springs, and you’ve a beautiful unit with only 38 grams on the scale.

So, we need Mistral 2017 to be able to carry our own completely new sphere diff, so we re-design the rear end and the motor holder.

The dual side damper becomes a standard feature, all the turnbuckles where in Gr.5 Titanium. Front end saw some subtle but significant improvement, such as longer Titanium kingpin.

A dual action main damper was also used.

2.5mm carbon fibre or 2mm 7075-T6 chassis were used as backbone for this kit.

The Mistral 2017 Sphere diff
Mistral 2017 in all its glory!
An excellent way to see how Mistral 2017 and real racing car (a Formula 3 here) are sharing the same heritage.
How about a 3rd place at the Roar Nationals? Ask the recipe to AJ Lorello!
Chris Sanchez getting his Mistral into the A-main at US Indoor Champs
Hero for a day…. An incredible best lap
Some nice guys at the ADAC – Touring cup held at the Nurburgring Circuit (yes… the real one….)
A nice 1-2 for Roman Pichler and Andi Frattaroli at the 2018 PanCar Master at the challenging Lostallo track.
Heilige Koe Cup 2018 – a Nice 1st place for Martijn varn der Heijden
Regally cruising at speed at the EFRA Euro 2018
Some nice result for Giacomo Moretti as well…. 😉
ETS final race 2018- Cruising at speed
ETS 2018/2019 Opening Race Wien – 4th and 8th place

And in those days we were at work on Mistral 2.0…