About us

Our story

Fenix Racing is more than a job and it’s way more than a company.

It’s a daydream. 

Being able to convert your passion into job, being able to meet racers and drivers from the “4 corners of the planet”, is a very special and unique privilege.

Our roots stems in the mid 80’s, in the true “golden age” of RC, when making your “own” personal parts was every day routine.

As many thing in the life, all happens by chance. In June 2013, a conversion F1 kit, made for few friends, become the first step of Fenix Racing.

We’re talking of “Imola”.

Imola – June 2013

Some months later, another kit, “Suzuka”, saw the light.

Imola and Suzuka, much to our surprise, become an almost constant guest in the A-main of races like the ETS  and Mibosport Cup.

With Suzuka which was able to bring “in” the very first Title in our palmares, in 2014, with Karl Fenech, in Malta.

 A couple of years later, in the late 2015 summer, Mistral was born, the very first full kit made in Fenix, which prove to be a real “mean machine”

Followed by another  “over ambitious” project: the prototype of our gear differential for F1 was shown at 2015 Hobby Model Expo in Milan.

Spring 2016: the gear diff become real.

Since then… everything speedup…