Fenix Mistral 2015

Was an huge step forward in Fenix Racing.

Mistral 2015

While Imola and Suzuka where conversions, Mistral 2015 was the first model where we start to manufacture more and more significant parts.

Motor holder, side dampers and many other parts, become “homemade”.

Mistral was somehow a radical departure from the previous model, but probably the most intriguing aspect of Mistral 2015 was the front end, which allow infinite degree of adjustment.

Mistral 2015 front end

This feature allow to use a wide range of tires, in any given condition, getting always the best from them.

Beside the front end, Mistral 2015, was really extremely configurable, with “floating”  or “fixed” steering for instance.

Mistral 2015 First Victory! Thanks to Fabrizio Villa – August 2015

And It was really quite good since day 1, as it helps Paulo Roberto Martins to become Brazilian champion at the end of 2015.

Paulo Roberto Martins’s Mistral 2015

In 2016, some minor adjustment were made, a new main shock become available. And we switch to a super cool total black look.

Black Mistral

And, as her predecessor, Mistral become quite a “regular” in the A-main of races like ETS, EFRA F1.

An super cool 7075 aluminium chassis for carpet racing
EFRA F1 A Main Finalist Matteo Berlincioni

Also, it helps Giacomo Moretti to win the Swiss National title in 2016.

A very happy Giacomo Moretti at the SRCCA Awards Ceremony

A rather good chassis, if we can say so by ourselves.

Also, in 2016 we’ve our line of motors…

Italian Championship at the superfast Cassino track and 4 of them in the A-main at EFRA F1 Euro